Welcome to a universe of beauty, femininity and connection with our meaningful and true self-nature.  

I believe I was born with an artistic sense, a refined taste for beauty and an infinite pleasure to create. I breathe and I live for art, I feel it with every cell of my body and through my art I connect to a different dimension that is healing, meaningful and fulfilling.

I also developed an interest in psychology, spirituality, meditation and personal development, all these subjects deeply influencing me as a human being and as an artist. Along the way I was inspired by thinkers such as Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsh, Deepak Chopra. Furthermore, I started to learn about angel therapy from Doreen Virtue. I am a self-taught artist and I have been greatly encouraged and inspired by artistic influences all my life.

I love travelling and taking long walks in the nature, as nature is the mother of us all, a perfect masterpiece of beauty. The beautiful things I’ve experienced during my travels, especially from Mexico and Italy – sights, colors, shapes, sounds and flavors – have been an inspiration for my artistic work. Most of my paintings convey a positive message that can HEAL fears and bring hope and happiness in your life, COLOR your everyday life and CAPTURE a part of your heart.

Some of my paintings are held in private collections in Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Estonia, Germany, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Japan, Norway, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK, USA.

"My paintings can HEAL fears and bring hope and happiness in your life, COLOR your everyday life and CAPTURE a part of your heart."


Every single piece is unique and reveals insights into my inner states of joy, hope and happiness.  

The art that I create is meant to heal, because I know how important it is for us to be surrounded by colorful pieces that come with positive messages of harmony, beauty and love.

Inspired to experiment with more colors, I’ve created a series of works that combine my natural instinct to draw swirls with my new interest in abstract representations of flower blossoms. The paintings try to reach a balance between abstract and natural, always through a personal depiction of beauty. I am aware of how I set the brushstrokes onto de canvas and what color palettes work together to convey the transitional mood I am trying to express. My work is process driven.

For me, artistic expression is a form of channeling. What’s most important to me in the process is allowing my intuition to take over and letting each piece be a manifestation of my intuitive sense. I’m very much an intuitive painter and I always try to approach my work with a sense of playfulness and fun. To me, creating art is all about finding joy in the process and I hope that comes across in my work. I love giving texture to my art, to create paintings in both acrylic and oils, and sometimes to incorporate mixed media elements as salt or ink.  

Each painting is side painted, therefore framing is not needed, and is READY TO HANG.

I guarantee that each image is 100% ORIGINAL and hand-painted by myself, and it is signed and dated, as well as accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. 

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