Happy life means happy paintings in your home

Happy life means happy paintings in your home

I consider my life to be a happy life, even though sometimes there are ups and down, I consider the trend to be a positive one and everything that I’m living now to be for my own personal growth.

Don’t imagine that there are always sunny days and champagne, no… but, what I understood over the years, is that you cannot appreciate happiness when you are living in a comfort zone; it is not relevant, because in such a case you don’t have to confront situations that are unknown for you.

What I am talking about here is being happy when there are challenges and situations that I’ve never lived before. Moving to a country where there is a different culture and different rules and ways to live everyday life, is one of these challenges I am referring to. It is what I have been experiencing, since I moved to a certain country in South America. Continue reading “Happy life means happy paintings in your home”

How to choose the perfect-sized painting for your room

Getting the perfect-sized painting for your room might seem to be a difficult task, suited for “connoisseurs” only, but in fact is a fun and interesting thing to do!Whether it is a unique, one-of-a-kind original painting, or a mass-produced, Chinese-made reproduction sold world-wide by IKEA, any interior designer would agree that by adding such wall art to your home decor you would have the great chance to enhance your space with color, style and an eye-catching focal point to stare at and dream, create or just relax.  However, the task of determining the proper size and proper placement of new artwork could sometimes seem complicated. As an artist who creates nice custom paintings for a world-wide clientele, I would like to help with that frequent question that so many folks have when planning for art purchase: “What size of painting should I choose for my wall?”.  Continue reading “How to choose the perfect-sized painting for your room”