How the inauguration of the solo art exhibition “El Jardín de los Sueños Cumplidos” enriched my soul

How the inauguration of the solo art exhibition “El Jardín de los Sueños Cumplidos” enriched my soul

On June 6, 2024, I inaugurated the individual art exhibition called “El Jardín de los Sueños Cumplidos”.

It was a vast exhibition in a huge and important public space. Almost 100 people were present and I had a performance supported by 3 professional ballerinas (Melissa, Fabiola and Rossana), live Mexican music performed by Danna, colorful paintings and with the help of three little girls I distributed flowers to all the women present and lots, lots of emotions…

All these can be seen on my facebook and instagram page:


But actually I wanted to tell you about what the organization of this exhibition taught me (which I prepared for almost a year and much more intensively in the last 2 months). I learned that:

– regardless of the circumstances we are never alone, all the time the Divinity supports us in our choices and projects

– that if something doesn’t turn out as I expected, something turns out better than I expected (certain details I wanted in a certain way and they didn’t turn out the way I wanted, and then I realized that, in fact, they turned out even better than I would have dared to hope)

– there was a moment when I felt overwhelmed seeing all 34 paintings together and not knowing where to start. By simply starting to move them and place them, the ideas started to appear. One step is enough, then a path begins to show itself.

– for the organization of an exhibition of such magnitude, sponsors were needed. At first everything seemed very difficult and somehow things didn’t connect, but I didn’t give up asking repeatedly, hoping that what was best for me would happen. When I least expected it, in a simple conversation at another event, the positive answer came. Things happen when we expect less and don’t get attached to the result.

– the last painting I painted is with my ancestors, the Dacians, and with elements from my native country, Romania. While painting it, I felt the support of my ancestors and since then an even closer bond was formed with them, I always ask them to support me when my projects are our projects (mine and my ancestors).

– I realized that I am the heritage of my ancestors and this is what I inherited from them. Everything you see and everything I am creating with my hands is due to the history lived by my ancestors and my soul, to emotions lived now and in the past. Now I know who I am and I am glad I can show a part of me to you.

– my existence is not at all accidental on this earth. Now I know that I have a mission and I am living it, to paint with love from what I am and feel and leave behind me a world more colorful and beautiful than I found it.